Flower Power

The ultimate floral decor debate: Real vs. Fake?! Depending on your style, and especially your budget, you might opt for real flowers or fake ones. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE real flowers! The smell, the beauty, the freshness – I think they’re awesome! However, we found that by using fake flowers, we could save… Continue reading Flower Power

Same, Same, But Different

Color schemes, bridesmaid dresses, suits, oh my! For most people, part of the planning process for weddings involves choosing a color scheme. My engagement ring (from our local favorites – The Jewelers Lebanon) is rose gold, so we decided to include that in our big day! We agreed on rose gold and navy for our… Continue reading Same, Same, But Different

Tune in Live

In this day and age, virtual events are the norm and the term “Zoom” is most commonly associated with a live stream platform rather than onomatopoeia. Bam! Haven’t used that fun word in a few years! While unfortunately countless people around the globe aren’t able to travel these days, fortunately live streaming events has become… Continue reading Tune in Live

Why Weddings?

So you started a blog and the first topic you choose to tackle is weddings! Why?! Let’s time travel back to 2018. The only “Corona” most of us had ever heard of was a beer commonly served with a lime, masks were only worn by medical professionals or on Halloween, international travel was unlimited, and… Continue reading Why Weddings?

First Things First

We know the age-old saying: “Comparison is the thief of joy.” When living in the age of social media, how do we avoid the comparison trap? When scrolling through Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or whatever the hottest social platforms are these days, one of the first and most important things to remember is that social media… Continue reading First Things First

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