About Me

Hi there!

I’m Emily, better known as E. If you ask me, life looks better upside down – both figuratively and literally! My passions include, but are not limited to, gymnastics, CrossFit, coaching, writing, editing, traveling, giving back to my local community, and learning to navigate being the best wife I can be for my husband Cullum.

I’m a self-proclaimed “word nerd” and have entirely too much to say out loud (not to mention I frequently fumble over vocalizing what I want to say) so pen and paper is where I prefer to turn.

This blog will hopefully be more than “just that.” I’m hoping to jot down some details of this crazy life journey, provide value from helpful hints and tricks, build a community, and inspire others along the way. If nothing else, it will be a digital diary for my own keeping! 🙂

While you’re at it, be sure to check out Built to Venture – Cullum’s YouTube channel & Instagram! I also want to be sure and note that Cullum’s a Realtor if anyone ever needs any advice on selling, buying, or investing in real estate. Can you tell I’m his #1 fan?!

I believe that everyone has an individual set of God-given gifts and by sharing our gifts with others, we can ignite the change we wish to see in the world.

Please note that some of the products recommended on this site could be partnerships where I might receive compensation for sales associated with them. I will only promote products that I truly use and love.