Pt. 3 Dating in the Digital Days

PLOT TWIST: If you’ve been following along with my recent posts about my experience with Bumble, you know now that I never expected to meet anyone online.

The other place I never imagined I would meet someone was at a bar!

One evening during June 2018 though, my sister, her best friend, and I ventured downtown to Nashville for a girls’ night.

Little did I know, the man I had connected with the day before had friends visiting Nashville and they happened to be downtown as well! Not to mention, said man is not at all one for the Broadway scene. It takes quite a bit of convincing to get him out so I’ll let you decide if this was a coincidence or a God thing. 😉

We hadn’t made plans to meet in person yet, but God had other plans! Being 4’9” apparently makes you pretty recognizable because a guy with that “you look kind of familiar but I can’t quite place where I know you from” look walked up and asked if my name was Emily. Can you guess who that was?!


I had a mini panic at this point because I instantly thought: Wait, no one told me what to do if you see someone from Bumble in real life without planning it! Do you say hi? Do you run? S.O.S. someone help!

Why is there no guide for these things?!

Anyways, long story semi-short, we chatted briefly and before the guys left, Cullum and I exchanged phone numbers.

So now you’re telling me I’ve made initial contact with someone online AND technically met him in person for the first time at a bar. Wait, what?! Anything’s possible, friends.

And thus, the great story of how we met has been told!

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