Pt. 2 Dating in the Digital Age

The pictures • the bio • oh my! Here we go with Part 2 of my random thoughts and musings about dating in the digital age!

Although I hear the app’s changed quite a bit in the last year, when I joined Bumble you could post about 5 pictures of yourself and a super short “elevator pitch” bio. Sounds easy enough, right? Ha! If you’ve been there, you know NOTHING is ever as easy as it seems! I quickly realized how few pictures I had of just myself, and how MANY pics I had of friends and me making ridiculous faces!

Quick, someone teach me how to take a selfie!?!

As for the bio, I probably spent WAY too much time stressing over what to write… Do you be funny? Serious? How do you know if you’ve given enough info to be interesting? How much info is too much? (Y’all know this girl can write!) I finally settled on some good ole Tom Petty lyrics:

“She’s a good girl, loves her momma, loves Jesus, and America too…”

If that doesn’t sum up this girl in one line, I’m not really sure what will.

Ok now for the guys!

All I knew was that I generally intended to only swipe right if a guy mentioned in his bio that he’s a Christian. NOW, does listing that on a dating app mean you’re a true believer in Christ? Of course not. But at least if it’s important enough to you to mention it on there, you miiight be semi-legit? Fingers crossed. Also, please have a job.

Confession: You may or may not have gotten bonus points with me if you had a dog in one of your pictures 😉 Just sayin’ guys, it could help!

Stay tuned to find out what happened next!

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