Pt. 1 Dating in the Digital Days

“Be strong enough to stand alone, smart enough to know when you need help, and brave enough to ask for it.”

In June 2017 I posted this quote on social media exactly a year before I did something I had never imagined I would do— downloaded the dating app Bumble! For the majority of my nearly 28 years (at the time) I’d been fairly content with my singleness, using that time to develop a relationship with Jesus, learn who I really was, find my stride as a gym manager, & simply stay too busy to even think about a relationship.

I’d had countless conversations with my late friend Becky, co-founder of an organization called FAITH RXD, about how to remain patient/content with where God had me in the season of singleness, what “actively waiting” looked like, & she mentored me on how to lean on God through any moments of loneliness & to trust that God had something good planned for me. Whether it was single or with someone, His plan for me was/is still good.

Photo: Time Magazine

Although so many of my friends were already in the world of “swiping” I had always imagined that if I WAS in fact going to meet someone, I’d meet him out in the “real world.” I thought a friend might introduce me to someone (but they hadn’t– gee thanks guys ;)), I’d meet someone at church, maybe Mr. Right would come strolling into our family’s gym 3 Star CrossFit or something, but none of that had happened. I guess you could say I started getting antsy.

That’s when I started wrestling with questions— How long do you wait before putting yourself out there? Is putting yourself out there an act of desperation? Are there even any “normal” guys on dating apps or are they all just looking for hookups? Are you seriously supposed to judge whether you could be interested in someone based off a few pictures & an elevator pitch of a bio? What would you even put as your pics & bio?! What do you do if you see people you know on there? How do you even go on a date?!

Little did I know, downloading Bumble that day would pave the way for what has been one of the most enjoyable seasons of my life.

Stay tuned for more thoughts & musings of the events that unfolded next!

I’ll give you a hint, I met someone super special! 😉

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