Flower Power

The ultimate floral decor debate: Real vs. Fake?!

Depending on your style, and especially your budget, you might opt for real flowers or fake ones. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE real flowers! The smell, the beauty, the freshness – I think they’re awesome!

However, we found that by using fake flowers, we could save QUITE a bit of money, still have pretty decor, and even be able to keep/decorate with our bouquets in our house once the wedding was over. One thing I didn’t know was just how many types of fake flowers there are out there! Wood flowers, silk ones, paper flowers… Who knew?! And WHERE do you start?!

Well, when you’re planning a wedding in 61 days, you have to keep in mind that you don’t exactly have time to be indecisive. My wonderful maid of honor/sister Kaley and I strolled through Hobby Lobby and just started “picking flowers!” I had NO clue where to start as far as knowing what my preferences would be, so once we started grabbing handfuls of different flowers it became easier to weed out what I didn’t like… See what I did there?!

Kaley was gracious enough to put together the bouquets over the course of a few nights, and our crafty family friend Deana was able to use some of the random extra flowers to make the guys’ boutonnieres. We also included a few of our fake flowers on our cake.

You can get plenty of flower supplies from Amazon if you prefer to shop online.

Don’t forget to make (or buy) a toss bouquet if you plan on doing a bouquet toss and still want to keep your bouquet!

One of the main takeaways I learned from even just the flower selection process was to not be scared to ask for help.

You’re planning a wedding here, not trying to prove that you’re Superwoman! Let your family and friends help, try to communicate your preferences clearly, speak gently when giving feedback, be kind if their ideas aren’t perfectly lined up with yours (they aren’t mind-readers after all) and remember that a Pinterest-perfect wedding [hopefully] does NOT define your marriage.

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