Same, Same, But Different

Color schemes, bridesmaid dresses, suits, oh my!

For most people, part of the planning process for weddings involves choosing a color scheme.

My engagement ring (from our local favorites – The Jewelers Lebanon) is rose gold, so we decided to include that in our big day! We agreed on rose gold and navy for our key colors. Next up came the question of:


Once I selected a color scheme I loved, I decided to let my bridesmaids choose whatever dress they’d like! I wanted them to all feel comfortable and fabulous in whatever they wore to the wedding, but of course if you’d prefer everything to be the same, you could always request that.

I just asked that their dresses be in the rose gold, blush, light pink – whatever you want to call it – color family. Hopefully that was simple enough!


You can find bridesmaid dresses and all sorts of wedding decor on Amazon and have it shipped right to your door! One of my bridesmaids got her dress on Amazon!

If you DO choose to have your bridesmaids all wear the same dress, I highly recommend being considerate of ALL different body types, heights, comfort levels, proximity to the store of your choosing, etc. Yes it’s your day, but these are also your best ladies and any good friend should want to take their opinions to heart!


Cullum chose matching suits from Indochino. They wore custom-fit suits (that were on sale!) and they. looked. incredible. Who doesn’t love a sharp dressed man?! 😉 I’m probably the LEAST knowledgeable person out there when it comes to men’s apparel, but since the guys were able to get them custom-made to their individual measurements, they all fit perfectly.


No matter what colors or styles you choose, one important thing to remember is that regardless of what your bridal party is wearing, you’ll still be married at the end of the day! Try not to stress over the minute details and of course, have fun!

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