Tune in Live

In this day and age, virtual events are the norm and the term “Zoom” is most commonly associated with a live stream platform rather than onomatopoeia. Bam! Haven’t used that fun word in a few years!

While unfortunately countless people around the globe aren’t able to travel these days, fortunately live streaming events has become fairly simple. With just the click of a button, loved ones can “attend” your wedding from the comfort of their own home!

Contemplating a live steam of your big day or any major event?


It doesn’t have to be complicated!

There are multiple outlets such as Zoom, YouTube, Facebook Live, and more that allow both free and paid streaming.


  • A week before our wedding, we downloaded the premium version of Zoom so we could stream for longer than the 40 minutes offered with the free version.
  • I scheduled a password-protected Zoom meeting to begin 10 minutes before our ceremony start time.
    • In the Meeting Settings, we opted to NOT require the host to allow entry from the Waiting Room.
    • We also used the default “Mute all Participants Upon Entry” setting.
  • We emailed/texted the meeting invitation link and password to all our family, friends, and loved ones who weren’t planning to attend our wedding in person.
    • This allowed us to actually EXPAND our invite list even in the midst of group size regulations – virtual attendees don’t take up seats in your venue or count toward the limit of people we could have present!
  • When Cullum entered the venue with our pastor friend/officiant, he started the Zoom meeting on my phone, which was on a tripod at the back of our seating area.


  1. Use a tripod so you don’t have to designate a guest to be in charge of holding your device, plus this will keep the video steady.
  2. Turn the volume on your device all the way down just in case a live stream attendee accidentally clicks their “unmute” button!
  3. Be sure to hit “RECORD” when you start the live stream if this is offered, that way you can rewatch it later and see who all had the chance to tune in.
    **CONFESSION: We totally FORGOT to do this! But thanks to our thoughtful friend Katrin, she saved the day by recording it from her end! Thanks x1,000,000 Kat!
  4. Ask your officiant to give a shoutout to the online attendees. We all turned and waved at the camera at the start of our ceremony!
  5. Check with your DJ to see if they can mic your officiant and/or groom. This helped our online attendees be able to hear the ceremony without having to place the tripod right up front where it might appear in all of our wedding photos.
    • If it DOES have to go up front, don’t stress about it being in your photos! Having your loved ones there, even digitally, is way more important than stressing over that 🙂
  6. At the end of the ceremony, be sure and wave at your device when you walk by! If you have the chance, turn the volume back up on your device and say a quick few words to those watching online.

After our ceremony, we moved the tripod out of the way but kept our live stream going for about an hour or two into the reception. This allowed anyone who wanted to stay logged on to feel like they were part of more than just our ceremony. We’ll forever be grateful for the opportunity to have family members and friends from around the globe join us virtually on our wedding day!

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